I am in total agreement with the following shared post. Further, I will say that every language known to man was in the mind of God from the beginning. Perhaps even some that have yet to be uttered.

Remember the Tower of Babel??? Who confounded the languages???

God, of course, and therefore God had to know the languages which he caused these men to speak in advance in order to give them the ability to speak the language he assigned to them.
Today, the international language of the world is English and God knew from the beginning that it would be, so the Olde King James Bible in English was in the mind of God before man ever knew what English was.

Also, we could not even tell what time it is or where we are on this old globe we are apart from English!!! All these measurements are based on measurements taken from Greenwich, England!!! Time, longitude and latitude etc. You cannot even land a jet at any public airport in the world today without being able to speak at least enough English to converse with the airport tower control.

That is not English supremacy. That is just cold, hard facts!!!

Olde King James Bible ONLY all the way to Heaven!!!

Now, the shared post:

Kent Settlemyer
Admin · Yesterday at 6:53 AM

“If Hebrew translated into Greek can be the inspired and inerrant Word of God, Greek and Hebrew translated into English can likewise be the inspired, inerrant, Word of God under God’s infallible preservation of Scripture, even if it is translated Scripture!” H. Wayne Williams, Does God Have A Controversy With The King James Bible? p.41OLDE KING JAMES BIBLE

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